Patrícia Nogueira graduated from the UT Austin | Portugal digital media doctoral program in 2018. Part of her work included spending a semester in Austin where she did her research with faculty in the College of Communication and the School of Information. She also audited classes in documentary film production and screen theory. Ms. Nogueira’s doctoral work examined three interactive projects hosted by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and she investigated features of narrative and user engagement in those efforts. While at UT Austin, she collaborated on a short documentary that led her to invite one of the UT students to be a director of photography a subsequent Portugal-based production. Most recently Ms. Nogueira partnered with Professor Andrew Garrison of UT Austin on a proposal to co-teach under a program called Global Classrooms at UT. The class allows international partners to connect with UT students and teachers and features a significant online component of education. This is a great example of some of the outcomes of the international collaboration fostered by the digital media program area.