About the FACT Team

The project aims to highlight the voices and knowledge of local communities impacted by flooding to develop mutually beneficial solutions for underserved communities, local flood agencies or organizations, and the Texas Water Development Board.

Our Strong Leadership

I was born and raised in South Bend, Texas, a little rural village in Texas, and I am a flood survivor. Because trying to rebuild your home and life without flood insurance impacts your life, my aim is to find a way to deal with floods in Texas.

Dr. Keri Stephens

Title, University of Texas Austin

I am beginning to understand the challenges with flood preparation and prevention and I think underprivileged groups’ perspectives, expertise, and resources can guarantee future preparation and prevention to reduce the negative effects of flooding.

Dr. Sean Upshaw

Assistant Professor, University of Texas Austin

Our Passionate Team

I grew up in a colonia with limited resources and language barriers for my family to mitigate the negative effects caused by flooding.I am passionate about developing educational materials that every Texan can understand. .

Nancy Carlson

Title, University of Texas Austin

Coming from Serbia, a country that is underrepresented and where communication during and after natural disasters is poorly developed, I am passionate about making a change and bringing more awareness to flooding. .

Jovana Andelkovic

Title, University of Texas Austin

Growing up in Houston, Texas, I knew how heart-wrenching it is to experience extreme rain events, and that is why I believe communities in Texas should feel empowered to safeguard their homes and loved ones from floods.

Tara Tasuji

Title, University of Texas Austin

I strive to find solutions to complex design aspects. I want to develop clear, straightforward communication graphics and designs messages that Texans can comprehend in order to have a constructive social influence.

Nikita Chandekar

Graduate Research Assistant, UT Austin