Our Mission

Established in 1996, the Technology & Information Policy Institute serves to research imbalances and provide insights that inform public policies and programs focused on digital inclusion for everyone. Housed in the Moody College of Communication, the institute also investigates the social impacts of digital media, growing concerns around disasters and risk, and artificial-intelligence in the future of work.  In addition to sponsoring educational programs and conferences, the institute shares its world-class expertise in hopes of increasing access to communication technologies, and thus vastly improve technology literacy, standards of living, and innovation.

Technological access unlocks freedom and opportunity.                   

Sharon Strover, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Technology & Information Policy Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

Research addressing community needs impacts practice and policy.

Keri Stephens, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Technology & Information Policy Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

Meaningful Results

With programs and research ranging from local to international in scope, the institute’s work extends across the globe. Some examples include:

  • Developing a digital inclusion strategy for the City of Austin specifically focused on reducing the “homework gap” as gentrification pushes lower-income residents further away from access to technologies.
  • Evaluating New York Public Library’s hotspot lending program to understand how it affects participants’ learning patterns and ability to seek health and educational information and other social services.
  • Elevating the role of technology (e.g., social media and artificial intelligence) in understanding how communication directly impacts disaster preparedness and response.

Future Internet and Policy Change

The media landscape will continue to evolve, resulting in more questions about the effects of artificial intelligence and social media as well as more barriers to accessing technology. In order to continue advancing the Technology & Information Policy Institute’s mission to produce rigorous research that informs policymakers, the institute needs significant philanthropic investment. You can make an endowed gift that helps:

  • Provide scholarships to student collaborators
  • Support field work that solves real community needs
  • Bring talented and high-profile speakers to campus
  • Provide enrichment opportunities and conference travel
  • Create a physical and communal place for interdisciplinary study and collaboration

Naming and Endowment Opportunities

The University of Texas at Austin offers a world-class education, works as a powerful engine for discovery and transforms students into leaders. When you establish an endowment, you are making an everlasting gift in support of our students, faculty and programs.

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