Technology & Information Policy Institute

Researching how technology contributes to economic, political and social change.

Technology & Social Change: The Digital Agenda

  • Economy, innovation & organizations
  • Decentralization, ground-up institutions
  • Social & cultural impacts

Digital Equity & Underserved Populations

  • Inequality & media systems
  • Work with nonprofits, the institutional setting

Technology & Democratic Culture

  • IP and Open Projects
  • Access Studies

Scaling for Good

  • Science communication
  • International comparisons and studies of scale through technology


With the assistance from donors, sponsors and partners, TIPI works on projects involving anything from library-based hotspots to Russian misinformation campaigns on Facebook. We’ve also concluded a 10-year digital media program with scholars and students from Portugal.


Throughout the academic year, TIPI hosts luncheons, a digital media speaker series, lecture series, conferences, and other special events for the benefit of our students, faculty and greater UT Austin community. 


TIPI faculty and students publish policy briefs, full reports, and research papers on topics related to digital media, technological transformation, digital inclusion and other information policy.

Our Partners & Sponsors