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Human-AI Teaming During an Ongoing Disaster

When people train and give feedback to a machine involved in machine learning/artificial intelligence, sometimes they communicate with the machine as if it is a valued teammate…

Investigating Ways to Better Communicate Flood Risk

There are very few current flood maps designed to actually help people understand their flood risk…

Case Study Vignettes: Surveillance, Privacy, and Ethical Governance

This case studies series is part of the research project Being Watched: Embedding Ethics in Public Cameras supported by Good Systems: A UT Grand Challenge…

TIPI Research Talk Hosted by EFF-Austin
On June 13, 2023, Dr. Sharon Strover presented a research talk titled “City Surveillance, Trust, and Public Engagement.” Organized by EFF-Austin, the local chapter of the Electronic Frontier...
How Residents in Texas Seek Flood Risk Information

A shared sense of duty around seeking flood information is the most important factor behind Texas residents’ motivations to search for flood information.

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With assistance from donors, sponsors and partners, TIPI works on projects involving everything from library-based hotspots to Russian misinformation campaigns on Facebook. We’ve also recently concluded a 10-year digital media program with scholars and students from Portugal.


Throughout the academic year, TIPI hosts luncheons, a digital media speaker series, lecture series, conferences, and other special events for the benefit of our students, faculty and the greater UT Austin community. 


TIPI faculty and students publish policy briefs, full reports, and research papers on topics related to digital media, technological transformation, digital inclusion and other information policy issues.

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