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National Preparedness Month: Preparing for disasters in Texas

If there is anything that the year 2020 has reminded us of as we continue to respond to the challenges brought by Covid-19, it is the importance of being prepared for a disaster…

Virtual School is in Session: It is time to open the networks in Austin, and that means unlocking school playgrounds in East Austin neighborhoods
Austin Independent School District was slated to begin instruction on August 18th, 2020. In July, when COVID-19 rates were spiking in Austin and across the state, the district decided that the first...
Responding to New Layers of Disasters
Hurricane Laura and the challenges of remote learning Hurricane Laura was initially predicted to avoid the majority of Texas and impact Louisiana, but by early Tuesday morning, August 25, 2020,...
COVID-19 and Virtual School: The coming criminalization of lacking broadband in the United States
Positioned between major pressure points of the increasing infection rate in the majority of the US and the memory of virtual school they experienced in the spring, parents in the United States feel...
Redundancy is the Key to Stability – The Bling Box Boutique in Cameron, TX
The Bling Box Boutique began as an experiment by Jeremy and Courtney Renaud eleven years ago. In a recent interview with the TIPI research team, Jeremy explained that the idea to start a business...

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With the assistance from donors, sponsors and partners, TIPI works on projects involving anything from library-based hotspots to Russian misinformation campaigns on Facebook. We’ve also concluded a 10-year digital media program with scholars and students from Portugal.


Throughout the academic year, TIPI hosts luncheons, a digital media speaker series, lecture series, conferences, and other special events for the benefit of our students, faculty and greater UT Austin community. 


TIPI faculty and students publish policy briefs, full reports, and research papers on topics related to digital media, technological transformation, digital inclusion and other information policy.

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