2021-02-01 to 2021-02-03

Next week’s “Disaster PRIMR 2021 conference” will bring together members of academic institutions, practitioners in the field, and organizations from communities directly affected by disasters to build and share expertise on disaster preparedness and response. Hosted virtually by Texas A&M, the conference has set as its goals the exchange of best practices and the development of collaborative capacity to bolster disaster readiness in the Gulf Coast region.

TIPI is fortunate to have three affiliated presentations at the conference by our co-director Dr. Keri Stephens and her teams:

February 1st 12:15pm

Communities Using Social Media to Partner in Disaster Response

Keri K. Stephens (UT Austin), Dhiraj Murthy (UT Austin), Brett W. Robertson (University of South Carolina)

February 2nd 12:15pm

Innovations in Preparedness: A Successful Wildfire Drill in Texas with Community Participation

Keri K. Stephens (UT Austin), Brigid Shea (Travis County Commissioner), Will Boettner (Wildfire Specialist, Travis County Fire), Pete Martinez Jr. (Community Association President)

February 3rd 12:15pm

Moving Flood Preparedness and Education Forward for Texas

Keri K. Stephens, Nancy Carlson, Kendall Tich (UT Austin)

For more on these presentations, view the abstracts here.