How can we ensure that AI is beneficial – not detrimental – to humanity? How can we develop technology that makes life better for all of us, not just some? What unintended consequences are we overlooking or ignoring by developing technology that has the power to be manipulated and misused, from undermining elections to exacerbating racial inequality?
Good systems are human-AI partnerships that address the needs and values of society, such as trust, transparency, agency, equality, justice, and democracy.
Sharon Strover, UT Austin School of Journalism professor and TIPI director is a member of the Good Systems executive team and will be working with the greater UT community to help build inputs and engage in the activities of research, education, university engagement, external outreach and infrastructure.
While the team, consisting of faculty from the departments of English, journalism, engineering and architecture and schools of  information and computer science,  spent last year developing the eight-year research plan, the official Good Systems campus launch is Monday, October 7. For more information about Good Systems and other Texas Grand Challenges, visit the Bridging Barriers website.